Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 Telescope

Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 Telescope

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1. Objective lens diameter: 80 mm. Focal length: 400 mm
2. Refractor telescope for teenagers and beginner astronomers.
3. Suitable for observing the planets, the Moon and terrestrial objects.
4. “Out of the box” magnification: 132x

Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 Telescope
Refractor. Objective lens diameter: 80 mm. Focal length: 400 mm

Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 Telescope will become an excellent first telescope for a beginner space explorer and a loyal companion to a fan of out-of-town astronomy observations. It is lighter and smaller than most refractors but it transmits a sharp and contrast image. The lenses in the telescope are multi-coated; the objective lens is high-aperture, and the magnification with the accessories in the kit is up to 132x.

You can study the Moon and planets of the Solar system with this telescope. The optics are powerful enough to let you observe the bright celestial objects of deep space – star clusters, separate galaxies and nebulae. You can use Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 as a powerful spotting scope due to the diagonal mirror that comes in the kit. This accessory corrects a distorted image in the telescope and makes it undistorted.

The best way to use Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 Telescope is for out-of-town observations. The kit includes a bag for storage and transportation, making the telescope easy to travel with. The bag is large enough for everything necessary – an optical tube, a mount, a tripod and optical accessories. You can carry the bag on a shoulder or in a hand.

You can operate the telescope with a simple altazimuth mount that does not require any skill or special knowledge to handle. Even a kid or teenager can work with it. An aluminum tripod may be adjusted to the desired height. There is an accessory tray. The optical tube has a small built-in compass designed for quick land navigation and for searching celestial objects on the skyline.


The kit includes:
5x20 optical finder
K9 eyepiece, 1.25’’
K25 eyepiece, 1.25’’
Diagonal mirror
3x Barlow lens
Aluminum tripod
Bag for storage and transportation
User manual and lifetime warranty


Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 Telescope



Optical design: 
Optics coating:  fully multi-coated
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm:  80
Focal length, mm:  400
Highest practical power, x:  160
Focal ratio:  f/5
Eyepieces:  K9 mm (44x), K25 mm (16x)
Eyepiece barrel diameter:  1,25
Barlow lens:  3x
Finderscope:  optical, 5х20
Tripod:  aluminum
Tripod height (adjustable), in:  22–47
Telescope control:  manual
Mount:  AZ
Additionally:  a built-in fluid compass (placed inside an optical tube)
Usage:  General use product.
May be used by kids over 3 years old


MSRP: 149.95
MAP: 139.95
Actual Weight: 8.4
Carton Length: 26.4
Carton Width: 10.2
Carton Height: 5.5
UPC: 643824208551
Part #: 72053


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