Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 Telescope

Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 Telescope

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Item # : 70817

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Refractor. Objective lens diameter: 50 mm. Focal length: 360 mm

Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 Telescope
Refractor. Objective lens diameter: 50mm. Focal length: 360mm.

Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 Telescope is a great opportunity to learn astronomy basics and to become a true space investigator. This refracting telescope is very easy to install, which makes it perfect for kids and entry-level users. You will be able to observe the Moon surface, the planets of the Solar system and even the brightest objects of the deep space. This telescope is also appropriate for terrestrial observations.

The fully coated glass optics enable the Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 Telescope to provide detailed, sharp and clear images without aberrations. The kit includes all necessary items: two eyepieces, Barlow lens and diagonal mirror. These accessories yield magnification up to 135x.

The optical tube is installed on an alt-azimuth mount. The tube is compact and lightweight – it is half the size of most refractor tubes. This type of mount does not demand any preparatory adjustments, and it is very easy to operate the telescope. To point the telescope at the desired object, just rotate it vertically and horizontally. The aluminum tripod has adjustable height. The kit includes a convenient backpack to easily transport the telescope. Due to the lightweight design, now even a kid can travel with a telescope.

Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 is a perfect choice for observations away from city lights, as well as hiking trips and weekends away with all the family members.

The kit includes:
Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 Telescope
2x optical finder
H8 eyepiece, 1.25’’
H20 eyepiece, 1.25’’
Diagonal mirror
3x Barlow lens
Aluminum tripod
Backpack for storage and transportation
User manual and lifetime warranty


Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 Telescope



Optical design: 
Optics coating:  fully multi-coated
Primary mirror diameter (aperture), mm:  50
Focal length, mm:  360
Highest practical power, x:  100
Focal ratio:  f/7.2
Eyepieces:  H8mm (45x), H20mm (18x)
Eyepiece barrel diameter:  1,25
Barlow lens:  3x
Finderscope:  optical, 2х
Tripod:  aluminium
Tripod height (adjustable):  400–1250 mm; 15.5–49 in
Telescope control:  manual
Mount:  AZ
Usage:  General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.


MSRP: 69.95
MAP: 64.95
Actual Weight: 5.1
Carton Length: 17.7
Carton Width: 13.2
Carton Height: 6.3
UPC: 611901506180
Part #: 70817


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