About Us

Scopes make amazing gifts: the grandchild pursuing a science degree, the son who wants to look at the latest astrological event, the husband going out for the opening of hunting season or the new empty nesters taking on birdwatching as a hobby: there are so many ways to enjoy scopes and it is scopes.com's mission to make sure you buy and enjoy the perfect one. Sometimes though it can be difficult to know what to buy especially if you are new to the space. That is why we created Scopes.com. To help you buy the right scope for a particular person's needs in mind.  

Before we came along those looking for high-quality optical products were forced to turn to big box stores where there is no expertise or ecommerce websites offering either a limited number of products or such a vast selection that people, especially novices or gift givers, did not know where to begin their product search. Scopes.com addresses that by providing you the knowledge and with it confidence to make a selection that will work for your or your recipient's needs. Please use our buying guides [LINK] to help hone in on a several suitable products that you can [COMPARE]. Then if you need more help you can contact us to make sure you are getting the perfect scope. 

Scopes.com is the culmination of over 50 years of experience in the optics industry. In addition to scopes. com we operate a U.S. based engineering firm specializing in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality optical equipment and accessories. Our company name is Instrument Technology Inc. and we are known through the industry as optics experts employing engineers, designers and technicians dedicated to making amazing scopes for industrial, law enforcement and medical applications. [You can read more here LINK TO CORP SITE] We formed scopes.com to leveraged our passion, knowledge and superior team of specialists to provide our customers with a selection of microscopes, telescopes, riflescopes and spotter scopes, among others. Our experienced team works tirelessly to develop new and innovative products, as well as find and test the best products in the industry.

After 50 years of experience in the optics industry we’ve learned a thing or two about order fulfillment and customer service. We process and ship orders quickly from our warehouse in western Massachusetts.

We are always available to address your questions or concerns. Thank you for letting Scopes.com be your one stop shop for all your optical needs.