10 Best Presents to Get the Birdwatcher in Your Life

10 Best Presents to Get the Birdwatcher in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for your beloved birdwatcher friend? Don’t want to get them just another mug with a bird on it?

Check out these 10 unique and special ideas that will make any birdwatcher feel loved, appreciated, and excited to get back out in the field! 

Psst… If you’re a birdwatcher, you can buy these presents for yourself, too. Go ahead, you deserve it! 

1. Birding Binoculars

Binoculars are a birdwatching essential. A quality pair of binoculars can help your birdwatcher friend get up-close and personal with their favorite birds and animals. Binoculars vary in magnification, quality, and price, so make sure you’re willing to invest in a quality pair if you’re buying your friend binoculars for their birding kit. 

So, which binoculars are best? Most birders use binoculars rated at 10x or even 15x to find small, fast birds that can be easy to miss, but sometimes this magnification hinders the chase. We typically recommend the Nature DX 10x42 Binoculars for beginners and the Celestron SkyMaster 15x Zoom Binoculars for long-distances. You can’t go wrong with the Celestron brand for birdwatching binoculars.

Not sure what kind of binoculars your friend might want? Ask them if they prefer long-distance or short-distance viewing, and the “elusiveness” of the birds they like to look for. That should give you a good idea of the kind of binoculars they’ll need! (Then you can ask us which we think is best, if you’re still not sure.)

Learn how to buy the right binoculars for yourself or a friend here: Binoculars (aka Field Glasses) – What You Need & When You Need It


Human carrying birdwatching spotting scope Scopes com

2. Birdwatching Telescope

A spotting scope, which some birders refer to as a “birdwatching telescope,” is perfect for getting both a bird’s eye view and up-close-and-personal shot. Spotting scopes have far-greater magnification than binoculars, which makes them a must for viewing birds circling hundreds of feet in the air or across a large valley. 

Not sure how birding telescopes work? Check out this article to learn more!

A lot of spotting scopes can zoom— sometimes even four times the highest magnification of binoculars. Plus, it has an internal focusing mechanism (rather than external focusing, like binoculars), so it’s easier to spot birds quickly. Make sure the birdwatching telescope you choose is waterproof and fog-proof to ensure your friend can spot birds in even the worst weather. 

One of our most popular sellers for birdwatching telescopes is the Regal M2 65ED Spotting Scope: it focuses 2x faster, is waterproof and fog-proof, is lightweight, and has Extra Low Dispersion Glass for the sharpest images day or night. Plus, you can attach your camera to it for stunning photography! The Celestron TrailSeeker 100, 45 degree spotting scope is also a bestseller for birdwatching fans. 

3. Scopes Gift Card

Want to get your friend an amazing gift they’ll love and actually use… but just don’t know where to start? Trust us when we say that every birdwatcher is always looking to upgrade their telescoping power so they can take their birding game to the next level.

A Scopes gift card is guaranteed to make your friend’s day. They can have the freedom and fun of choosing which scope will work best for their birdwatching needs, and you’ll be an A+ friend for giving them something so thoughtful! 

4. Collapsible Water Bottle 

Keep your birder hydrated and healthy when out birdwatching in the elements with a collapsible water bottle! 

Platy bottles are a unique option because they’re collapsible (they flatten and roll) and thin enough that they can even fit in a pocket. They’re BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free, which means there’s no “bad stuff” that could hurt your friend’s health. Plus, the built-in clip attaches easily to a backpack strap, and the dual-lock cap prevents leaks. Oh, and it’s dishwasher safe!

Another popular option is the Que bottle, which has a spiral design to compress and take up less space. It’s an eco-friendly option, and 10% of proceeds are donated to The Rainforest Trust, so your birdwatcher is actually giving back while they stay hydrated. 

5. Adopt a Bird 

Birdwatchers care about the environment. They want to do their part to protect birds and their habitats.Your loving friend will adore an Audubon bird adoption as a gift.

You can donate to “adopt” a threatened bird— from the bald eagle to the cardinal, the barn swallow to the common loon, there are so many birds who need our support. With your donation, you receive an adoption certificate, a personalized letter from the CEO, and a plush bird that plays a recording of the bird’s song when squeezed. This is a unique way to give and give back at the same time, and in a way that will delight your birdwatcher! 

6. Birdwatch Recording Sheet

Help your birder keep track of the birds they’ve seen— and the ones they’re dying to see— with a birdwatch recording sheet and journal. These recording notebooks can help birders identify which birds they’re seeing, find locations to spot other birds, and keep track of when, where, and how they found those birds. 

There are a lot of birdwatch recording sheet journals out there, from official, leather-bound ones to waterproof ones. Think about how your friend would use their recording sheet to select the best journal for them. Instead of a birdwatch recording sheet or journal, you can also opt for bird bingo to add a little competition to their sport! 

7. Bird Call 

Get out your birdwatching telescope and bring the birds right to you! This Audubon bird call imitates multiple bird calls to create realistic songs that attract the attention of different birds. Reviews say that it’s fun just to hear the songs, but it also brings birds right up to you. Your birder will love playing around with the calls to see what birds they can invite over. 


Woman using binoculars Scopes com

8. Binocular Strap

Holding your binoculars is a pain while walking, but you also want them to be easily convenient if you see a bird. The best birdwatchers use a strap to keep their binoculars hands-free while still prioritizing viewing.

We recommend backpack connectors, which attach the birdwatching telescope or camera directly to your backpack shoulder straps (to minimize all the bands around your body). If your friend doesn’t wear a backpack when birding, they might appreciate a harness strap to keep the binoculars close by without jostling. This Vortex Optics Glasspak has room for other birding equipment and even a cell phone and keys, while this Optics Harness Strap is more streamlined for telescope binoculars. 

By the way, has your birder ever complained about not wanting to hold their binoculars or scope up for a while to watch the birds? Maybe they could use a mount or base to free up their hands during their bird scouting, too! 

9. Bird Song Clock 

The most avid birders may already have this in their home, but if your friend doesn’t, we bet they’ll appreciate it. This popular clock by Mark Feldstein and Associates plays a different American bird call every hour, creating a beautiful song throughout the home. A lot of birders start to associate a certain bird call with a time— dinner will be ready at cardinal! Best yet, this clock has a light sensor, so it won’t tweet when the room is dark— no waking up to bird calls in the middle of the night!  

10. Bird Books 

There are lots of gorgeous and information-packed books for birdwatchers of all levels. If you’re looking for a thoughtful and low-cost gift for the birder in your life, a beautiful bird book is a great choice. 

Some of our favorite bird books include:

Give the Gift of Birdwatching 

If you have an avian aficionado in your life, you can bet they’ll love receiving any sort of birdwatching gift. Whether it’s a carrying case for their birdwatching telescope, a new spotting scope, or just a journal to keep track of their spots, they’ll appreciate the thought and care you put into getting them a gift they’ll really love. 

When in doubt, a Scopes gift card is always the right decision for any birdwatcher looking to hone their skills— and to have plenty of fun.

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