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 Micro Borescope Data Sheet



Micro Borescopes

Micro Borescopes allow remote viewing into small diameter, restricted areas. This can be tackled with precision, accuracy, and ease thanks to ITI's unique selection of micros specially engineered for viewing into restricted areas with smaller than 4mm (.157") diameter openings.

Rigid Micro Borescopes

Gradient Rod Lenses Result In Exceptional Image Quality

Series 124300 Rigid Micro Borescopes are used for viewing and/or inspecting into extremely small, straight, restricted areas. ITI Rigid Micro Borescopes feature gradient rod lenses that produce exceptionally clear images. Unlike regular lenses that depend on lens curvature and glass index for image formation, gradient rod lenses form images through a variable (gradient) glass index.

Semi Rigid Micro Borescopes

The Best Of The Best Come Together As One

The combination of stainless sheathing and a fused image guide results in a Semi Rigid Micro Borescope. Series 124500 Semi Rigid Micro Borescopes are for applications that require greater stamina or longer working lengths than standard rod lens Rigid Micro Borescopes. ITI's Semi Rigid Micro Borescopes provide the practical, workable solution by combining the protective stainless steel outer tube of a Rigid Micro Borescope with the high resolution fused image guide of a Semi Flexible Micro Borescope.

Semi Flexible Micro Borescopes

The Highest Possible Resolution Comes From ITI Fused Image Guides.

124700 Semi Flexible Micro Borescopes have precision and high image quality which is an ITI mark of distinction. Because optimal resolution is based on the tightest pixel density, ITI uses the best fused image guides available. In the process of manufacturing, glass fibers are drawn to the smallest diameter possible, packed to the maximum density, then fused together for strength. Maximum density is therefore achieved, resulting in the highest possible image quality in a semi flexible image guide.