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AC/DC Light Source

Model 125060 AC/DC Light Source is a versatile light source for use anywhere - with or without the convenience of electrical power. The 24W lamp provides adequate illumination for all general visual inspections and some video applications. Available with several optional power packages.

Ultra Violet (UV) Light Source

Model 125150 Ultra Violet Light Source is a special ITI UV light source, emitting intense UV radiation at 365nm, used with a borescope or as a very intense UV spot light. Special UV transmitting fibers or liquid light guides conduct illumination through the length of the system to provide UV at MIL-STD intensity levels as required for dye penetrant and mag particle examinations.


High Intensity Xenon Light Source

Model 125030 High Intensity Xenon Light Source is the light source for low light level situations, particularly for video or photo shots. The extremely bright 300W xenon arc lamp is the most powerful, brightest light source available. Available in two different input power options.

White Light Flashlight

Model 175182 White Light Flashlight is a small, lightweight and portable light source. The product is designed for ACIM style illumination light guides or viewing instruments.